Online Course

2nd stage of ECF coaching training

Start course: May 31, 2022.
Duration: 4 weeks
Language: English


Who will benefit from the course?
  • Coaches with no practice and no clients
    Discover the nuances of coaching in the 8 ECF competencies

    Improve your professionalism through 12 hours of supervision (mentoring)
  • Business coaches, consultants, HR specialists
    Raise to a new level of professionalism in your work. Increase competence

    Start coaching and assisting clients and subordinates in a coaching style
  • Psychologists, psychotherapists
    Discover new coaching techniques. Increase the number of clients

    You will be able to close all the requests of new clients by using different techniques in your work
  • Entrepreneurs and executives
    Master effective coaching techniques for managing subordinates

    Learn how to set goals more effectively. Motivate your staff to achieve necessary business objectives
  • Interested in personal development
    Find out what tools can help you achieve your goals in different areas of life several times faster

    Try coaching techniques in practice
  • You are looking for a new profession
    Today, coaching is one of the most in-demand professions that gives you the opportunity to earn a lot of money

    Always real money, grateful clients and your prosperity and self-development
4 weeks of training
Open each week by clicking on the + and see the content of the program
Theory Session #1. 05.31.2022. 19:00-21:00
1. Explanation of the 1st and 2nd ECF competencies.
2. Demonstration of a coaching technique for working with client goals with one of the course participants. Example dialogs from practice for each participant to consolidate the material. The technique is suitable for the work of life and business coaches.

Practicum. 06.02.-06.04.2022. Time by agreement.
1. Supervision (mentoring) on the technique in triples under the control of a mentor-coach of the university.
2. Feedback from the coach to each participant. Working out the strengths. Work on mistakes. Recommendations.
As a result of the course
New Knowledge
8 hours of theory from a coaching expert

12 hours of practice supervised by university mentor-coaches

A high-paying profession. Professional development

Coaching professionalism and confidence in conducting sessions on different areas of clients' lives

European-standard certificate that will emphasize your status and expertise
New Goals
Learn to set ambitious goals and achieve them 3 times faster

Stop putting life on hold

Create a flow of clients

Start your own business or improve your existing business
New Opportunities
Master a new in-demand and high-paying profession

Increase your competence and professionalism through up-to-date theory and many hours of practice

Increase career chances

Improve the quality of your life and the life of your clients or employees
ECF accredited training program
ECF yesterday. ECF today. ECF tomorrow.
The European Coach Federation (ECF) is the first professional coaching community in the Baltic States and Eastern Europe.

ECF today is:

  • Expert in specialized coaching.
  • 17 years of international experience.
  • More than 250 specializations in four areas
  • More than 500 accredited coaching programs.
  • More than 1,000 online and offline trainings, workshops.
  • Four membership categories.
  • More than 100 authored coaching techniques
  • Four degrees of professional certification.
  • More than 2,000 certified coaches in 30 countries.
Your university mentor-coaches
  • Alyona Chazova
    International certifications ECF & ICTA. Life Coach focusing on helping clients gain confidence, build strong relationships, create high self-esteem, manage stress, find balance and fulfilment. Holistic health & mindfulness coach.

  • Vlad Shakh
    Founder of the University. Mentor-coach
    Certified coach of international federations "ICF" and "ECF". Professional business coach, expert in coaching and sales.
  • Oksana Despa
    Certified ECF mentor-coach. Life coach on working with fears, beliefs and procrastination.
Certificate of Completion
Certificates of European standard. ECF accredited program
3 packages

Filling packages
Four online classes on ECF competencies and coaching techniques at Zoom. Recordings of all 4 lessons. Presenter Vlad Shakh
4 supervisions (mentoring) in triples supervised by university mentor-coaches at Zoom. Recordings of all 4 sessions
A coaching suitcase with all the detailed techniques and dialogues as examples
Private group on Telegram. Answers to questions 24/7
Independent practice in twos with students of the course
Getting a European certificate in an accredited ECF program
Answers to coaching questions for 1 month after training (chat, phone).
Answers to coaching questions for 3 months after training (chat, phone).
The book "170 Effective Questions for Life and Business Coaches." The author of the book is Vlad Shakh. Format: PDF
The book "50 Mistakes of a Beginning Coach." The author of the book is Vlad Shakh.
Format: PDF
Payment in two installments
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Student Reviews
How will the training process work?
4 theoretical classes
1. 4 theory classes on Tuesdays at Zoom from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. All classes will be recorded.

2. You will learn about the 8 competencies of ECF professional coaching and why you should stick to them in your work.

3. You will learn some of the best 4 coaching techniques that work with basic client requests.
4 practical exercises
1. Weekly supervision (mentoring) in triples in Zoom from Wednesday to Sunday at a convenient time for everyone. 4 meetings (once a week) on 4 different techniques supervised by university mentor-coaches.

2. Weekly for each technique, you will work in 3 roles: coach, client and observer. Get detailed feedback on your work and recommendations from the university mentor. The duration of each supervision is 3 hours. All supervisory sessions are recorded. Lifetime access.
Getting an ECF certificate
1. After training you will receive a prestigious European certificate in an accredited ECF program.

2. Free certificate delivery from 1 to 15 days depending on the country of residence.

3. The certificate is in English.

Moving to the 3rd stage of coaching training
1. If you would like to upgrade your qualifications further, you can continue your training with the "Certified Coach" by Standards of ECF" program. See the content here.

2. After the 3rd level of training you will be able to get certified by the European Coaching Federation (ECF). Become a member, get another prestigious certificate and support in promoting your services.
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