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With us you'll get first-class meetings to enhance your coaching skills, personal growth and motivation.

Master classes are held weekly
Coaching technique for free!
""Working with Motivation and Confidence". An example with questions and a real dialogue with the client.
Who this club is for
  • 1
    To current coaches
    The club will help sharpen your professional skills and raise the value and check of your services.
  • 2
    Beginner coaches
    You will gain confidence in your strength through up-to-date knowledge, necessary practice and get your first paying clients.
  • 3
    Coaches with no practice and no clients
    The necessary knowledge and practice are waiting for you. You will make your first steps in attracting customers.
  • 4
    For those who are just considering coaching as a profession
    You'll get to know coaching better, and who knows, you might want to become part of an in-demand profession.
Top 3 reasons to become a member
Coaching Hangout
This is always useful in our business. New friendships, connections, joint projects. Helping each other self-practice in twos/threes, by choice.
Supportive Environment
An incredible atmosphere is waiting for you. You will make important steps in the promotion of coaching services and not only.
New Knowledge
Master classes will unlock your creative and professional potential. Only up-to-date information and all the nuances. Only proven methods based on successes in different fields.
How will it go
  • Master classes
    All master classes will be held in Zoom for 1-1.5 hours. For those who will not be able to attend for some reason, they can watch a recording.
  • Forming a coaching community
    The goal of the closed club Mentor Coach is to create the first and largest community in which you can develop your coaching skills and immediately put them into practice with clients.
  • Closed group on Telegram
    The group was created specifically for club members, where you can get an answer to your question related to coaching and not only.
Club Program. February 2022.
New program under development
February 3
19:00 - Kyiv

February 3
19:00 - Kyiv

Roman Kirichenko
Coach, hypnotherapist. 6 years of practical experience. 3000+ hours of coaching sessions. Expert on TV
Master class, "How to act in unexpected situations and work with difficult clients."

You will learn:
- The basic principles of coaching
- What to do if you don't know how to work with a client's request.
- What to do if the client can not relax.
- What affects the client with you to feel as comfortable as possible.
- How to get out of difficult situations
- Answers to questions
February 10
19:00 - Kyiv
February 10
19:00 - Kyiv
Kdenia Kuzmenko
Business mentor experts
Master class, "A new generation of personal brand."

Today, the personal brand goes over the edge. And what worked before doesn't make sense today.

You'll learn:
- How to create content easily
- How to really hook your audience
- How to become a leader even in the most highly competitive niche
February 17
19:00 - Kyiv
February 17
19:00 - Kyiv
Vlad Shakh
Founder and mentor-coach of the European Coaching University. Member of the ECF
Master class, "Conducting a coaching session with one of the club members at his request. Analysis. Answers to questions from club members."
February 24
19:00 - Kyiv
February 24
19:00 - Kyiv
Adelia Egorova
TV host, chief editor, interviewer of stars, officials and top managers of companies. More than 8 years of experience in media. Practical psychologist and coach in systemic approach.
Master class, "Public speaking is easy and fun."

You will learn:
- Working techniques to help you cope with the excitement and fears of speaking
- Preparation - 90% of the success of the speech. The main steps
- Attitude and the main question before going to the audience for successful communication
- What gestures and poses emphasize the speaker's charisma and which ones give away insecurity
- How to adjust the frame, light, sound to like yourself in the video. Recommendations for video shooting - makeup and appearance.
- How to analyze a performance for professional growth
Cost of club membership
3 packages
10€ (50€)
  • 4 master classes
  • Closed chat in Telegram
  • Q&A
  • All meetings records
Join a club
For 6 months
150€ (200€)
  • 24 master classes
  • Closed chat in Telegram
  • Q&A
  • All meetings records
  • Book "170 Effective Questions for Life and Business Coaches" in PDF
  • Book "50 Mistakes of a Beginning Coach" in PDF
    One-hour consultation on promoting coaching services with Vlad Shakh
  • 1 individual mentoring (supervision) with Vlad Shakh
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