"Certified Coach by Standards ECF"

Professional development program
for Life and Business coaches

Start of the Course: May 30, 2022
Duration: 8 weeks (online)
Language: English
Coaching technique for free!
""Working with Motivation and Confidence". An example with questions and a real dialogue with the client.
Course objectives
Learning coaching from scratch. Advanced training of coaches
The program is designed for those who just want to learn the profession, as well as for current coaches who already have certificates, but are not confident in their abilities because of the lack of practice and special skills
Preparing coaches for European ECF certification
The training program is based on the 8 competencies of ECF professional coach, which guarantees passing the exam in the European Coaching Federation after 2 months of training at the first attempt
Building the right positioning in the coaching market
Step 6 is fully focused on the development of marketing competences for professional self-promotion. The acquired knowledge and tools will help you learn how to attract customers on a paid basis
University Founder
Vlad Shakh
Founder & Coach
Certified coach of international federations ICF and ECF. Professional business coach. Expert in sales and coaching

- Founder and mentor-coach at the European Coaching University
- Author of the books "50 Mistakes of a Beginner Coach", "170 Effective Questions for Life and Business Coaches" and "Checkmate in Active Sales"
- Co-founder of European Coaching School
- Specializes in coaching companies' CEOs
- 700+ coaching hours with clients
- 300+ individual coaching hours for advanced training of coaches
- Founder of Target training company
- 21 years of successful experience in selling products and services
- 14 years of work experience in national and executive positions in international companies such as Dirol, JTI, Sony Ericsson, Philips and OTP Bank
- Author of YouTube channel: Vladyslav Shakh (sales, coaching, personal effectiveness)
This course is designed for
  • 1
    Beginner coaches
    The course will be useful for professional development. Building an action plan for attracting first paid clients
  • 2
    Non-certified coaches
    After graduation, you will receive your first European certificate with a golden stamp. Get certified by the European Coach Federation (ECF). Increase your professional status
  • 3
    Coaches with no practice and no clients
    The 7 levels of training will help you get up-to-date theory and over 50 hours of practice to gain confidence and demand
  • 4
    For those who are interested in learning coaching from scratch
    The program will help master all the coaching techniques and gain important theoretical knowledge for those who just want to get a sought-after and well-paid profession
Education consists of
32 hours of up-to-date theory on the 7 levels of the program of study. 2 times a week for 2 hours. Opportunity to watch lessons in the recording. All information is relevant and structured
Practice will begin with the first week. 3-4 hours of weekly mentoring under the supervision of a professional coach. 2 hours on your own in pairs. Each student will accumulate 50 hours or more in the course
Getting the certificate
To receive a certificate, you will need to send a recording (audio or video) of your work with a real client
Steps to attract clients
Each student will create an action plan for self-promotion and attracting clients into paid coaching after stage 6 of the training program
ECF certification
Students who wish to be certified by ECF and receive the 2nd certificate will be able to do so immediately after their university studies. According to statistics, 9 out of 10 students pass the certification at the first attempt
7 stages of the training program
Program advantages
  • Training in 8 ECF competencies
    European Coaching University is an accredited partner of the ECF. The entire training program is built on the 8 competences of the ECF certified coach's professional work, which facilitates the certification process
  • Mentoring
    Weekly coaching sessions in groups of three, supervised and assisted by professional mentor-coaches
  • Online support
    Prompt answers to all questions of participants on the training course in a closed group in Telegram 24/7
  • New coaching techniques
    During the training, you will learn, practice and consolidate new coaching techniques for working with clients primarily in business coaching
  • Building your own brand
    The training program includes classes to effectively promote your services and help you become a highly demanded professional
  • Employment
    The best students will be offered online work at the university by mentor-coaches
ECF accredited training program
ECF yesterday. ECF today. ECF tomorrow.
The European Coach Federation (ECF) is the first professional coaching community in the Baltic States and Eastern Europe.

ECF today is:

  • Expert in specialized coaching.
  • 17 years of international experience.
  • More than 250 specializations in four areas
  • More than 500 accredited coaching programs.
  • More than 1,000 online and offline trainings, workshops.
  • Four membership categories.
  • More than 100 authored coaching techniques
  • Four degrees of professional certification.
  • More than 2,000 certified coaches in 30 countries.
Certificate of Completion
3 learning packages
Filling packages
8 online classes in 8 ECF competencies at Zoom. Practical exercises. Demonstration of 10 exclusive techniques with a focus on business coaching. Eternal links to recordings of all 16 sessions. Led by Vlad Shakh
A coaching suitcase with all the detailed techniques and dialogues as examples
Team coaching and strategy sessions for companies
Closed group in Telegram. Answers to questions 24/7
Independent practice in twos with students of the course
1 mentoring session (supervision) in triples on the first technique under the control of the mentor-coach of the university with feedback. Duration: 3-4 hours. Recording of mentoring
8 mentoring sessions (supervisions) in triples supervised by university mentor-coaches with feedback. Every week for 3-4 hours on 8 different coaching techniques. Recordings of all mentoring sessions
Getting a European certificate in an accredited ECF program with a gold stamp
Getting an additional 5 exclusive coaching techniques (life & business)
Getting an additional 10 exclusive coaching techniques (life & business)
1 individual mentoring session (supervision) with Vlad Shakh on a technique of your choice. The meeting lasts (1-2 hours) during the course. Value: 100€
3 individual mentoring-sessions (supervisions) with Vlad Shakh on 3 techniques to choose from. The meeting lasts (1-2 hours) during the course. Value: 300€
1 individual mentoring session (supervision) with Vlad Shakh on a technique of your choice. The meeting lasts (1-2 hours) during the course. Value: 100€
1 coaching session with Vlad Shakh on personal request during the course. Value: 100€
3 coaching sessions with Vlad Shakh on personal requests for 3 months from the start of the course. Value: 300€

Master class on sales of coaching services from Vlad Shakh.
Value: 200€
Answers to questions within 3 months after the course (chat, phone). Value: priceless!

Answers to VIP students' questions for 12 months after the course (chat, phone, video).
Value: priceless!
Payment in installments
Super Bonus!
Value 1150€
Online Course. "Business in the VIP segment. How to sell on big checks".
Only for Expert and VIP package participants
Practical lessons 8 weeks/8 lessons.
Led by Ksenia Kuzmenko
- Account packaging
- Positioning in the VIP segment
- Strong unpacking of expertise
For Expert and VIP package members
- Testing of in-demand product topics
- Creating a product portfolio
- Unpacking products for VIP target audience
- The fastest sales techniques
For Expert and VIP package members
- A group meeting at Zoom. "Building a strong promotion strategy." For Expert package members
- In-person 40-minute meeting at Zoom. "Building a Strong Promotion Strategy." For VIP package members
1. "The Million Dollar Positioning Formula."
2. "Image product portfolio."
3. "Niche Selection and Narrowing."
4. "Image influence on the audience".
For participants of "Expert" and "VIP" packages
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Student reviews
The ECF certification process
The next step to expertise and in demand
Master the art of 3D coaching
The university program is built entirely on the mastery of 3D coaching. Completing the university training makes the ECF certification process for the student several times easier
Choose a specialization
On the European Coach Federation website, you choose one of the possible specializations in Life or Business coaching
Choose the certification level
If you have already accumulated 50 to 99 practical hours, you will be awarded the 2nd degree certification - CRS (Certified Coach in the chosen specialty). The cost of the certification is 300€ for 4 years
Become a partner of ECF
Information about you and your specialization becomes available on the European Coach Federation website. The European Coach Federation adds you to its website and provides you with marketing support to promote your services
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