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Coaching is about new opportunities, prospects and increased income. Sign up for a free course and see for yourself!

Course Presentation
Who will benefit from the course?
  • 1
    You are looking for a new profession
    If you enjoy communicating with people, listening and asking questions, you can definitely become a high-demand and high-paying specialist. Step 1 will give you an understanding of what to do next
  • 2
    You are interested in coaching
    Necessary and basic knowledge in coaching awaits you. You will see new opportunities. You'll be able to discover whether coaching is your passion. And if so, you'll have great opportunities to work with clients around the world online.
  • 3
    Beginner coaches
    You'll find important missing knowledge and nuances of coaching skills. You will learn about the mistakes that cause clients to lose and new ones to not come
  • 4
    Coaches with no practice and no clients
    The course will give you the missing knowledge and give you the confidence to attract new paying clients
  • 5
    You are interested in personal development
    Knowing the tools of coaching can help you achieve your goals several times faster in all areas of life that require improvement. All you need to do now is take this free recorded training course
Recorded course program
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  • What is 3D coaching?
  • What is not coaching?
  • Stages of skill development
  • What client requests does a coach work with?
  • What client requests does coaching not work with?
  • Who can become a coach?
  • What skills and abilities does a coach need?
  • Where can coaching tools be used?
  • What are the benefits of being a coach?
  • How much does a coach earn?
  • Coaching technique "Scaling goals"
As a result of the course
New Knowledge
You will learn what coaching is and how it can change people's lives. You will see how much a coach can earn and what it takes to do so
New Goals
Set new and ambitious goals for yourself in different areas of life. Take action and get results several times faster by using coaching tools
New Opportunities
See the prospects for individual and professional development. Improve the quality of your life and the lives of your clients or environment
ECF accredited training program
ECF yesterday. ECF today. ECF tomorrow.
The European Coach Federation (ECF) is the first professional coaching community in the Baltic States and Eastern Europe.

ECF today is:

  • Expert in specialized coaching.
  • 17 years of international experience.
  • More than 250 specializations in four areas
  • More than 500 accredited coaching programs.
  • More than 1,000 online and offline trainings, workshops.
  • Four membership categories.
  • More than 100 authored coaching techniques
  • Four degrees of professional certification.
  • More than 2,000 certified coaches in 30 countries.
    Vlad Shakh
    Founder of the European Coaching University
    Certified coach of "ICF" and "ECF" federations. Professional business coach, expert in coaching and sales

    - Author of the books "50 mistakes of a beginning coach","170 effective questions for life and business coaches"
    - Co-founder of the "European Coaching School" in 2015
    - Specialization - coaching of the company's executives
    - 700 coaching hours with clients
    - 280 individual mentoring hours on development of coaching skills
    - Founder of the training company "Target"
    - Author of the book "Checkmate in Active Sales"
    - 21 years of successful experience in selling products and services
    - 14 years of work experience in national and executive positions in international companies such as Dirol, JTI, Sony Ericsson, Philips and OTP Bank
    - Author of YouTube channel: VladyslavShakh (sales, coaching, personal effectiveness)
    My certificates
    3 packages
    Package #1
    • 4 classes on record
    Package #3
    • 4 sessions on record
    • Closed group for coaches on Telegram with mentors. Finding colleagues for regular coaching practice

    • Receiving electronic certificate on the completion of the course

    • The book "170 Effective Questions for Life and Business Coaches.
      A-5 PDF format.
      33 pages

    • The book "50 Mistakes of a Beginner Coach".
      A-5 PDF format.
      199 pages.
    Certificate of Completion
    How does the learning process work?
    Step-by-step instructions
    Choose one of three packages
    After filling out the form, you will immediately receive the first training video, links to download the books and a link to a closed group in Telegram for practice (depending on the package)
    Watch tutorial videos
    Within 4 days after registration you will receive an email with a link to the next class
    Get the European certificate
    On the fifth day after all the classes, you will receive a certificate in electronic form. European certificate. The program is accredited by the European Coaching Federation (ECF)
    Move on to Stage 2 of coaching education
    If you would like to continue your coaching training at a more professional level with practice and feedback from university mentor-coaches, you can upgrade to Stage 2, "Quick Start in Coaching." The course program is here
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