The book "170 Effective Questions
for life and business coaches."
Examples of questions to unlock your clients' potential!
About book
The ability to ask powerful open-ended questions is the most brilliant skill a coach should have. Questions play a crucial role in coaching. It is one of the most important qualities without which it is impossible to become a high-demand specialist and bring clients to results.
Questions take clients out of dead ends and unlock potential. Effective questions are a basic technique in coaching. The questions you master will open many doors for your clients in different areas of life.

Author of the book
Vlad Shakh
Founder of the European Coaching University
Certified coach of "ICF" and "ECF" federations. Professional business coach, expert in coaching and sales

- Author of the books "50 mistakes of a beginning coach", "170 effective questions for life and business coaches"
- Co-founder of the "European Coaching School" in 2015
- Specialization - coaching of the company's executives
- 700 coaching hours with clients
- 280 individual mentoring hours on development of coaching skills
- Founder of the training company "Target"
- Author of the book "Checkmate in Active Sales"
- 21 years of successful experience in selling products and services
- 14 years of work experience in national and executive positions in international companies such as Dirol, JTI, Sony Ericsson, Philips and OTP Bank
- Author of YouTube channel: Vladyslav Shakh (sales, coaching, personal effectiveness)

33 pages

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2 books on coaching

1. "170 Effective Questions for Life and Business Coaches."
33 pages

2. "50 Mistakes of a Beginning Coach."
199 pages

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