User Agreement

The terms of use of the website and products (hereinafter referred to as "the Rules") define the procedure for using the website (hereinafter referred to as "the Website"), participating in trainings and providing access to electronic versions of video, audio courses and audio books (hereinafter referred to as "the Products") of the European Coaching University.

1. The right to use the site and Products belongs to individuals who have reached full civil capacity, in accordance with the personal law of an individual, under the Law of Ukraine "On International Private Law" dated June 23, 2005 № 2709-IV (hereinafter - "Users").

2. All copyrights to the information materials posted on the website and provided while using the Products belong to Vlad Shakh.

3. You may not use any information obtained while using the site and/or the Products without Vlad Shakh's permission. Users are prohibited from copying, reproducing, distributing, and/or using information obtained while using the site and/or the Products for any purpose other than personal use.

4. In order to use the Website and/or Products, Users shall have a compatible technical device (iPad and other tablets are not such a device), Internet access (Google Chrome browser), Gmail account and relevant software (Skype) if necessary.

5. Vlad Shakh does not guarantee and is not responsible if data loss and/or corruption, computer virus attacks, interference and/or other computer (other technical device) security breaches occur during the use of the Site and/or the Products.

6. Informing the Users of the Website and/or the Products is performed by posting a relevant message on the Website and/or by sending messages, in particular to e-mail, phone or other means of communication, specified by the User.

7. While using the Website, Products, participating in trainings, programs, social networks, pages, etc. Users are not allowed:

7.1. post information of an advertising nature (sale of goods and/or services);

7.2. offer participation in network marketing programs;

7.3. make calls for violent change or overthrow of the constitutional system or seizure of state power; calls for change of administrative boundaries or state border of Ukraine, violation of the order established by the Constitution of Ukraine; calls for pogroms, arson, property destruction, seizure of buildings or structures, forcible eviction of citizens; calls for aggression or initiation of military conflicts;

7.4. to use obscene language;

7.5. post other information that is prohibited by the legislation of Ukraine;

7.6. violate the training plan;

7.7. create noise during the training;

7.8. behave unethically, including insulting and degrading to the honor and dignity of other Users;

7.9. distribute information received from other Users, participants of trainings, programs, social networks, etc.

8. Messages that contain information listed in paragraph 7 of the rules will be removed with additional information about it the offender. In the case of a repeat posting of such a message, the offender will be disqualified from posting any comments (excluded as an active user) in the relevant programs, social networks, pages, etc.

9. If you have any questions about using the site and/or the Products, contact Vlad Shakh by correspondence using the service posted on the site in the "Contact Us" section.

10. Vlad Shakh does not guarantee the smooth operation of the site, compatibility with technical devices of the Users and warns of the possibility of errors in the work of the site.

11. In the case of identifying the potential threat of infecting technical devices with viruses, which are contained in the electronic messages of Users, Vlad Shakh has the right not to open them (not to read the content of such messages), and warns Users about that. In case such a message is sent repeatedly, Vlad Shakh has the right not to respond to any further messages from Users.

12. Cookies are used in the operation of the site. If the User does not want to accept cookies it is necessary to change the settings of the browser used.

13. All information about Products is placed on the website, in accordance with the Law of Ukraine "On Protection of Consumer Rights" from 12.05.1991 № 1023-XII.

14. Information contained in messages posted by Users during training sessions, programs, in groups in social networks Vlad Shakh, website, etc., can be published by Vlad Shakh in other information resources with a link to the author.

15. By registering for the trainings, programs, etc., users consent to the use of their images taken during their implementation.

16. Vlad Shakh reserves the right to change the terms of the Rules at any time by posting their new version on the site. The new edition of the Rules starts to be effective from the date of publication.
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