Refund Policy

Refund Policy

1. The University provides customers the opportunity to withdraw from the service of training online and a partial refund of their paid cost in accordance with the following rules:

1.1 The client may withdraw from the training at any stage in writing with 15 working days notice before the date of termination of training. In case of taking such a decision, he must write to the company director Vlad Shakh at and state the reason for refusal.

1.2 After the registration of the application, the refund is made within 15 working days, regardless of the country of residence of the participant.

1.3 When processing the refund is withheld for the number of days that the participant has already served, the service fee and the bank commission for the movement of funds depending on the banking / payment system.

1.4 When clients book seats on the training course, the company will not refund the prepayment of €20 if the participant refuses to pay the remaining cost of the training before it starts.

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